I'm buying a corner of land to preserve nature and wildlife.

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While much criticism has been levelled at the purchase of virgin land, often exploited for its natural resources, here's a slightly greener initiative: buying a piece of land to make sure it is preserved. At Nature Guardians we think that is one of the best solution to protect nature.

It is possible to protect virgin land without exploiting it.

your-earth-share On a small scale, the idea is obviously a good one: buy a piece of land and take care of it without using pesticides. While it is easy to preserve a small garden, it seems less obvious to protect land in the heart of a real estate project on the other side of the world.

Your Earth Share (YES) thus offers a completely different scale: it is about preserving wild lands by buying them, before potential developers or oil seekers do, which will lead to deforestation or major difficulties for biodiversity.

How YES works:

  • YES acquires land by buying it instead of, for example, real estate developers.

  • It is not about land that is already protected, it is about complementing the work of governments and environmental protection organisations.

  • The association does not operate on the principle of donations.

  • The concept is patented in the United States and this patent is valid worldwide.

Doing nothing to protect nature

YES will then offer the land for sale. In this way, it is easier to preserve virgin land from human exploitation.

"Sometimes doing nothing is still the best option," explain the creators of the project, represented by Tamara Kreisler, Executive Director of International Tamara Kreisler, "a simple but brilliant idea led to the creation of Your Earth Share. If the idea is to protect an area from human intervention, the best you can do is precisely nothing. Our promise is to let nature take its course without interference. This can have a significant impact on our environment and wildlife."

A simple but effective system to protect nature

Everything is done via the organization's website. Each citizen can decide to acquire the rights to plots of land located in wilderness areas around the world. To date, land has been acquired in Finland, Canada, Paraguay or even Colorado in the United States. YES members then receive a personal certificate with the precise GPS coordinates of their plot. They have the right to visit the land for as long as they wish, as long as they respect the environment scrupulously.

For questions of rights, and to legalize the practice, YES is linked to the accounting firm Grant Thornton, so that the rights of the purchasers are recorded. They also guarantee that 90% of the funds raised by the sales are used to buy new land to be protected.

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