At Nature Guardians, nature and wildlife preservation are subjects that are close to our hearts. Our actions along with your support help us to conserve natural places, protect wildlife and create a link with the future.

The subscriptions to the nature protection service is an excellent way to support our cause and give back to your community in a sustainable way. Help us protect natural areas and keep our planet clean so that we can continue to enjoy it.

How it works

What are you working for when you work with the Nature Guardians ?

First of all it is important to understand what are you working for. At Nature Guardians we didn't wait after people to start our nature protection operations and our communication concerning the wildlife protection necessity. We work with passion and really want to be efficient in our actions. But we need the support of partners to continue and do more actions. This is why we need you.

Nature Guardians actions

Our main objectif is to protect nature and wildlife all around the world. We started in France and we are actually acting also in Australia and Indonesia. We which to become more important and make our work an example for others. 

We started by communication campaigns concerning the wildlife protection necessity through social media which permit us to have a real impact on people. We are sure environmental sensibilisation and nature education are the most important thing to inform and change mentalities. 

Clean up operations is our second main action. We are really sad to see how plastic pollution is really massive and visible everywhere in the world. We started our first operations in France and Indonesia but we are now mainly operating on the Australian coast. We estimate 400 billion debris all along the Australian coast. We have lot of work....

operate through the registration of clients (partners) in our nature protection services. Thus their participation through a monthly payment allows us to maintain our actions. As others would subscribe to a service to maintain their garden via a monthly payment, Nature Guardians offer a nature conservation service.  

The work

We are looking for autonomous and motivated salespeople. You will have to promote and market our service.

For that you must be dynamic, smiling, like to convince, have a taste for performance, have a good presentation and elocution, be directive and be actively listening.


Your mission

  • Search for new partners (Customers)

  • Sell subscriptions to our services

  • Contribute to customer loyalty.

Work time

Time range according to schedule:

You manage your own schedule. 

Start when you desire, stop when you want. Restart when you want. You are your own boss.


Remuneration: 20% of sales achieved. Sale one time and earn each month.

Example :

  • A subscription sale at $10/month -> receive $2 every month.

  • A subscription sale at $250/month -> Receive $50 monthly

Uncapped compensation.

Minimum sale at 1 per month. 


As an experienced salesman, you are tenacious and rigorous. Meeting challenges on a daily basis is also a source of motivation for you.

Ready to get started? 

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